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Hello Artiste,

                      We extend a very warm welcome to you and thank you for choosing BetterDays Entertainment Agency (B.E.A) to work on your behalf. As we anticipate working with you and on your behalf, allow us to briefly inform you accordingly about our Company and the Services that we offer.


BetterDays Entertainment Agency (B.E.A) is an International Recognized Artiste Promotions Company. We are based in Miami, Florida, USA, however we have professional representatives across the Globe.

We work with and for many established and new Artistes both Locally and Internationally. In the past, we have worked for Mr. Vegas, Richie Stephens, Etana, Christopher Martin and we are now currently working with Ikaya, Kukudoo, Nesbeth, Dr. Love, D’Angel, just to name a few.

We also have a weekly Top 20 Music Chart (Top 10 Reggae/Top 10 Dancehall). This International Music Chart is aired on over 55 Radio Stations weekly in Europe, UK, USA, CANADA, JAMAICA and The Caribbeans on both Online and FM Radio Stations. During this airing, The Radio Host of each program or linked streams announces the Top 10 of each genre from #10 ascending to #1 as the Top Music of the week, by playing 30 seconds of each song as they are announced with their number placement on the Chart. This therefore gives each song that is placed on the Music Chart an airing throughout the World and on an International Platform.

We are connected with over 3500 Radio Stations Worldwide, both FM and Online Radio Stations.


BetterDays Entertainment Agency (B.E.A) works on behalf of our Clients (The Artiste) and their individual needs and wants. Each Artiste has various and different needs and wants based on a number of factors, which includes but not limited to: (1) Reggae or Dancehall Artiste (2) Singer/Singjay or DJ (3) Artiste Location/Residency (4) Number of Songs released among other important factors.

We fill the gap between the Artiste and their Fans. We build the Artiste Portfolio and cement a strong, long-lasting foundation for our Artistes. We offer a wide variety of Services that are very affordable and cost effective. We help the Artiste to move to the next level in his/her Music Career.

B.E.A. allows our Artistes and their Management Team to decide on the different services that best suits their needs. We however offer Professional Advise to our Clients based on Important Factors. However, the final decision is made by the Artiste/Management Team.

B.E.A. offers three types of Artiste Promotions Packages: (1) GOLD (2) SILVER and (3) BRONZE. We also offer individual services that are in each package to better suit the needs of our Artistes and to meet their budgets, while fulfilling their needs. We always aim to exceed our customers expectations. Below you will find our three Artiste Promotions Packages (APP) and our Itemized Services. Thank you once again for reaching out to us. You could have gone elsewhere. We now look forward to working with you and taking you and your music to the next level. Thank You.


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